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Using the incredible sounds of William Jones Crystal Tones bowls, Jan Tober is current offering a personalized sound activation process. Click the below button for all details!
(left) Jan Tober shown with William Jones at the 2009 Kryon Summer Light Conference. Jan plays these bowls and using her voice, creates a custom CD recording using information gathered from your personal birth information. This is a DNA activation!
CLICK the "free video" icon at the above right to see the Jan Tober 11:11:11 Crystal Grid Activation. You will see her in her studio area, where she does all the personal sound activation CDs.
A beautiful 7-minute meditation featuring the singing bowls from Crystal Tones, and the amazing KRYON BOWL. Free!
The amazing KRYON BOWL from Cyrstal Tones...
This special bowl is used in every DNA activation process from Jan Tober. Want to know more about what Kryon says about it? Or perhaps you even wish to own one? Click
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