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I've been in sound and color healing all my life. In addition, I do earth work on a regular basis, sending specific energies to GAIA in so many ways. It seems that my entire life has been spent in these endeavors, and finally I have a voice to thousands on the Internet.

This page will contain a few (very few) endorsements to books and products that I personally have and use. As an international author (The Indigo Children series), I get asked constantly to give links to various other books and websites. There are so many good ones too! However I'm saving this page for some very special ones, so you know they have the highest recommendation.

Jan Tober Email: <jantober@kryon.com>

The last five years have offered me the privilege of working
with Carol Hillegas and the Awakened Earth (AE) team. During
this time, I realized that we can release any and all forms of
victimization regarding earth changes. Even better than this,
we can learn how to co-create with the AE, with the goal of
harmony and balance—a win-win for all. Please click the book at the left to see my entire endorsement.