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The amazing KRYON BOWL from Cyrstal Tones...
This special bowl is used in every DNA activation process from Jan Tober. Want to know more about what Kryon says about it? Or perhaps you even wish to own one? Click
HERE for more...

CLICK the "free video" icon above to see the Jan Tober 11:11:11 Crystal Grid Activation. You will see her in her studio area, where she does all the personal sound activation CDs.

From Jan:

In the process of my channelling work, I have found sound to be the major activator of both DNA and RNA. Sound helps to direct the cells from the immune system to the endocrine system. In other words, from flight and fear mode, to the fifth dimension of unity and love.

When you first receive your personalized ten minute activation CD, find a quiet place and listen to it in a meditative state. Please DO NOT play it while driving... ever! You may repeat it as often as you wish. Many set thier sound-system CD players to "repeat" and play it for hours if they feel the need for extra harmony/balance infusion.

Your CD will consist of my voice in channel, along with the sounds of seven special DNA/RNA activation crystal bowls to further enhance this process. The CD is also recorded in the middle of a powerful vortex. Each CD is custom made, with me channelling in song and playing the bowls in concert with your soul's essence.

It fills me with joy to "hear" who you really are!


Jan Tober

TO ORDER: Contact email is below. Put DNA Activation in the subject line. A representative will return your email and start the process. Price is $150. After your details are taken, allow two weeks to have your CD custom recorded and shipped. Simple.